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Latest ECIG News & Updates - New Horizons - Smokeless Cigarettes

Latest ECIG News & Updates

The advantages offered by the best Electronic Cigarette Brands

All the people who are looking to shift to electronic cigarettes from the paper based ones it is important that they get the best electronic cigarette brands. It is a onetime investment because after they get the kit they can just use the refill packs to use the cigarettes again and again. Therefore while choosing the e cigarette starter pack one ends to be careful. Depending on the kind of budget which one might have there are different kinds of kits which are available in the market. Some of the people look for kits which are of a certain colour. In the modern times there are a lot of options for the people to choose from. (you can learn more about it from: www.cigarettesbrands.com top e cigarettes brands The main benefits of these kits Electronic cigarette brands produce different kinds of Starter Kits based on the demand of the customers. Some of the companies might offer a lot of discount coupons for the customers. The basic advantages one can get using these kits are as follows:

• One is able to use the kit again and again just by buying different kinds of refills to use as the cartridge. • These kits can save a lot of money because they are cheaper than the paper based cigarettes in the long run. • There is no ash produced while using these cigarettes.

Why Free E Cigarettes Aren’t Really Free

In case you have just started to explore the vaping world online or have already been researching for different e cigs, you must have certainly come across the Free Trial Offers. Most of these offers feature a best e cig starter kit having a battery, some refill cartridges, and a USB charger for a minor shipping fee. In case you decide to retain the kit, you will tend to obtain some refill cartridges every month, automatically. On the surface, such an offer is certainly very attractive one for those who wish to judge the vaping experience for the first time. 

banner_starter_kits_01_B The Truth of Free Trials Unrevealed! However, upon in-depth peep, you will come to know that such e cigarettes are certainly not free. In fact, such trials are either complete or partial scams. Instead of letting you judge the vaping experience, the offer givers cheat you after which you will never feel like returning to e-smoking again. In fact, such scams are the major contributors to the bad image of vaping community. The only way to stay away from such scams is to know them. awesome-check-for-rw   Even today, there are many free trial offers that ask you to sign up instantly. Just Google about them and you can easily find them out if you wish to. When you sign up for free, it actually costs you a lot as you probably obtain a mediocre atomizer, battery, and disposable plastic cartridges instead of cartomizers. Now, not offering cartomizers is actually the first reason for you to doubt, as a majority of brands sell only cartomizers, not inferior cartridges. The Costly Free Trial Clauses   You can further catch hold of these scams by going though their clauses in detail. As per the terms for free trial offers, you get only 14 days for withdrawing the subscription in case you do not wish to pay for any future charges. Well, the catch here is that this time period starts from the day you place an order and there is no exact estimation of your shipping or delivery time. So, if you receive the ordered kit after 14 days, it is really disappointing as you cannot send back the pack for cancellation. Well, you actually have to call the manufacturer and ask for an RMA number. Being so lucky to catch somebody within the trial period is not that lucky. In case you are lucky, you are supposed to send back the pack such that the company obtains it in only 30 days of when you actually placed the order. Lastly, the clauses state that all returns need a $10 fee for restocking. So in one way or the other, your pocket is being burdened on the name of ‘free trial’. How’s irritating is that!   The Cost of Keeping the Free Trial Kit This is exactly where things get costlier. After subscribing to the e cig free trial if you decide to retain the kit, the actual fun starts as you get charged for $100. Here, you are spending so many dollars for a kit worth $30. Well, that’s not all. You will be further burdened with 50 to 80 dollars per month for refill cartridges that are sent to your home. This is even more irritating if you come to know that the genuine companies are offering far improved cartomizers just at $1.99 for one pack that has at least five. In this way, there are hidden fees that these trials collect from you. So, you see how well you spend on a free offer! It goes without saying that any firm offering e cig free trials, as the ones briefed above, is least bothered for the customers. It further believes that most customers will cancel the order in such a way that the trial period of 14 days will elapse. So, they do nothing; except that they are simply pushing with a hope of failure to cancel within the trial period. This is actually an anti-customer policy that most customers realize only after being cheated. What’s more annoying is that when you obtain your kit from such a company, you might be delivered a device or an accessory that has been utilized and returned by other former customers and is likely to fail even more rapidly. In case they are being caught by a regulatory agency, they quickly shut down and then look for another way to trick more innocent people. So, the scope is endless but you can break the vicious circle by avoiding being a part of it! ecig sizes